Christian Dunlop | Mortgage Loan Originator 

Direct: 323-719-5900  
Office: 323-203-1106 Ext. 1002

EFax:   323-451-8715

MLO NMLS # 1850450
Notary License #2234806

Speaks: English

Extra Payment Mortgage Refinance Calculator

See if you should refinance your mortgage. Enter the details of your current home loan along with details of a new loan to estimate your savings and see if refinancing is right for you!

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About Me

It’s important to think of me as your strategic partner in helping you win the deal. You could work with a loan officer anywhere in the nation. There are over 150,000 of us; but I think the value I bring to you is that I’m here locally. In addition to loan origination, I’m also a licensed Realtor®. So not only am I capable of making sure your home loan needs are being met, my extensive knowledge in the home buying process will be significant to getting your offer accepted! I’ve built relationships with all of the local players, including appraisers, title companies and seller’s agents. You need somebody who’s going to go to battle for you with the reputation to not only get you the outcome you want, but make your experience as smooth as possible.

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