• Types of Refinance Loans

  • Conventional
    Type Limit Ideal for  Advantages
    ARMS                         Conforming
    • Short-term homeowners
    • Clients with future income growth potential
    • Low initial interest rate
    fixed rate   
    • Long-term homeowners looking for stability
    • Long-term interest rate and monthly payment stability
    15- year 
    fixed rate
    • Clients looking for stability and speedy payoff
    • Interest rate & payment stability
    • Faster equity/payoff
    • Less overall interest
    Jumbo Conforming
    • Clients seeking higher value
    • No limit
    • Covers more value
  • Government-insured
    Type Limit Ideal for Advantages
    FHA                  Conforming
    • Clients with limited 
      credit or income
    • Low down payment
    • Easier credit and income requirements
    VA Affordability
    • Eligible past/present
      service members and 
    • Low interest rate
    • Low down payment
    • Costs covered
    USDA Affordability
    • Limited income clients
      in USDA designated rural areas
    • 100% financing
    • Assists limited income clients